The nation's leading wholesale grower for over 60 years has built its reputation on offering a wide variety of over 1,000 new and classic perennials of the finest quality.  Our product line consists primarily of generously graded bare root and Elle Plug liners. Walters Gardens is your source for Proven Winner perennials.

Home of the PowerPlug. Wholesale grower of vernalized perennials, grasses, and shrubs in a 32-cell tray, with a limited selection of 50-cell tray items.  Our philosophy as a liner grower has always been to sell strong roots to our customers.  We believe good roots deliver good tops. 

Specializing in Ornamental and Native Grasses to the wholesale trade since 1986.  Our product line consists of a wide selection of grasses, sedges, and grass-like plants in 18, 32, and 50-cell trays.

TCRN, a division of Applied Ecological Services, is the leader in native plant propagation with almost 30 years of experience to the wholesale trade.  Our product line consists of local-genotype native perennials and grasses offered in a 32, 50, or 72-cell tray.

For current availabilities, plant specific questions, technical assistance for growing, process your order and monitor fulfillment and logistics, please contact

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