Bohn's Farm is a wholesale grower of hardy adaptive and native perennials with an unprecedented selection of perennials, grasses, Midwest natives, and ground covers.  Over 500 varieties of perennials offered in quart and 1 gallon sizes.  Over 60 varieties of grasses offered in a multitude of sizes from quart to 5 gallon.  Over 150 varieties of mid-west natives offered in quart and 1 gallon sizes.  Huge selection of ground covers in 606 pack, quart, and 1 gallon sizes.  Custom growing is available for large projects.  Delivery on rolling racks directly to your shop or job site.

TCRN is a division of Applied Ecological Services and is the leader in native plant propagation with almost 30 years of experience to the wholesale trade. Specializing in local-genotype native perennials ans grasses in 32 & 50 cell plugs for Rain Gardens, BMP projects, and large-scale budget minded landscape projects.  Custom growing is available for large projects/quantities with unique species or specific sizes.  Delivery on racks to your shop or job site.

For quotes on landscape jobs, plant availability, answer plant specific questions, custom growing, or to place an order, please contact

Bill Malouche  Phone: 913.269.7919  Email:

Providing container grown native and ornamental trees and shrubs to the wholesale trade for over 60 years in #3, #5, #7 and #15 sizes..  All products are grown with the RPM (root production method) yielding unsurpassed survivability and plant growth. Delivery to your shop or job site.

Specializing in Ornamental Grasses to the wholesale trade since 1986.  A wide selection of grasses, sedges, and grass-like plants in 18, 32, and 50-cell trays for large jobs or the budget minded landscape.

Home of the PowerPlug.  Wholesale grower of perennials and grasses in a 32-cell tray.  The PowerPlug is ideal for large landscapes or budget minded jobs.

Huge selection of classic and hard to find groundcovers.  Available in a 2.5" or Pint (3.5") pot.