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Premium growers of exquisite tropical plants, United Nursery is located in the warmest region of the country with a true tropical climate.  Our blooming product line includes flowering bushes (Hibiscus, Dipladenia, Gardenia, & Oleander), flowering Mandevilla trellis, flowering tropical trees (Hibiscus, Shrimp Plant, Duranta, Gardenia, Oleander, Lantana, & Tibouchina).  Premium foliage items to include wide assortment of Ferns and Palms, Cordyline, Topiaries, etc.  Our products are available in 6 & 10" pots and make an excellent choice for containers and love hot, humid weather.

Founded by Jim and Jonathan Berry, J. Berry Nursery is located east of Dallas, Texas where we have been "Discovering and Delivering Great Plants" since 2006.  Our current product line focus on innovative flowering shrubs; primarily in the Rose, Hibiscus, and Hydrangea categories.  In 2013, we introduced the 'Black Diamond' Crapemyrtle series with beautiful black foliage and 5 stunning flower colors.  Other recent introductions include dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Ruby Slippers' and the HibisKiss & Carnival series of unique large flowering tropical Hibiscus.  Many other items offered including a premium line of repeat blooming Clematis and a wide assortment of Roses.

Wholesale grower of hardy adaptive and native perennials located just outside St. Louis, we carry the complete retail package with an unprecedented selection of classic and new perennials, natives, grasses, and ground covers.  We grow over 600 varieties of perennials in quart and 1 gallon sizes, including the complete line of Proven Winners.  We also carry a huge selection of ornamental grasses in many sizes, clematis, peonies, and a wide selection of ground covers in many sizes including "Tread & Trail" perennial ground covers.  All items come with large retail picture tags and pots are bar coded.  Weekly availabilities provided with delivery to your garden center on rolling racks before the end of the week.

Located in Cresco, Iowa since 1980, we are proven winner of top quality premium annual plants to meet all your retail needs.  Our world class production facilities grow uniform crops and our continuous research and development focuses on bringing new and innovative products to the market.  Our product line includes 4.5, 6", 10" Tubs, 12 & 14" Combos.  Hanging Baskets in an array of mono and mixes in multiple sizes and containers options.  A complete line of Bedding and Vegetable flats, potted Herbs and Veggies.  We also offer a full line of Summer and Fall products and holiday plants.